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Topic: Chuck D: Johnny Cochran, Jay-Z

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    www.publicenemy.com/index.php?page=page3 What I Think. Time. Let me tell you that Time is God. Simple as that. I don't care who the hell you are, where you come from, how much money you got, what religion's pimpin you out, or who you wit- time will whup that tail, sure as you born. No one can MASTER time. The best that we can do is MANAGE our time as it pertains to us. But time is different to different people, who sometimes can't share time because of differing value systems. I tell cats my time is valuable and cannot be exchanged for someone time that's mostly a waste of it. You heard it waits for no man, woman, child, plant, nor animal. True. But also you better understand time is given to you and you should spend it wisely because time is true money, and that in itself is rationed. So if you feel something or someone is wasting your time either get away, give them a bill, or just politely tell them your time is too expensive to share. Yeah, time IS God. OK. April 2005, we are 25% through a year that is halfway through a new decade, in a new century and new millennium...signifying again that time waits for no man. A great man Johnny Cochran passes away, old pope out new pope in, the Terri Shiavo case becomes a political issue...all this and the rap game topics still hinge upon the same street games. I don't see how anyone can ignore the world. It seems the world, as Americans see it, doesn't extend past the tips of their noses (or the television perhaps). In my travels, I am repeatedly asked my opinion on various things, but in the last six months I've come up with a question to answer the question. I usually set it up by saying "Well if you know anything about me, judging on the perception of your data ... What do you think I think?!" First of all I want everyone to know that myself and Flav are all right. Radio stations and media, again, couldn't see that I was taking a swipe at VH1 and the Mindless Entertainment Producers for attempting to air the episode I saw as a potential long term problem. What folks who currently ask me about what I think are immediately told that these ENTIRE episodes were shot in a mere TWO WEEKS. Hello? I think I've been saying all along for folks NOT to believe TV. But it's such a powerful medium (can somebody say mind-control)? peeps couldn't understand that we were on tour the following week with Living Colour. This T-Dome is simply what I think... Second, I simply think beyond the hype, JAY-Z has elevated himself to Jordan Of The Rap Game status. I was convinced back in 1999 during Hard Knock Life tour when he came on after DMX's torrid wash bucket and rock hour set, and still held his own. Distinct voice, ability and focus. This shows in Fade To Black, but besides the hype JAY- Z is simply the best because the time calls for it. Mighty giant respect to the giants Rakim, KRS-one, Kane, Mel, and MOE Dee...but even Hank Aaron gotta tip it to Barry Bonds. Back to rap, I never could just toss the greatest of all time to Biggie. I thought he was on his way but unfortunate circumstances beyond the rhyme cut short that brilliant possibility. A 'New York get equal to Cali', bad boy hyped, BMG backed, Brooklyn quest for respect thing added to that fuel. But the putting sht down from your head legend that Big had, Jay has and with some experience, dominance and confidence has made it a set in stone Jordan thing. Most respect due to LL, Ice Cube, Eminem, Common, Nas and Mos Def-initely...ah yeah. I dig the ultimate b-boyism Jay got, although I never agreed in dumbing anything down for the sake of the entertainment value of jail and death. But then again everyone's got a chance to fix sht, when one realizes they are surrounded by sht, eh? For the good layout on straight rappin pick up Fade To Black DVD ... but singers, rappers, vocalists never ever stop till they're dead, so expect Jay-Z to keep doin it....speaking of which I was reading some quotes by GAME who says he's neck and neck as popular as Jay-Z...OK, I'll let this one slide... I'll pretend I never heard this. I don't agree a fire beat alone is enough, a great emcee has to carry it. Really voice and ability wise there's beats that only few can rock, and many don't carry the logic needed to take it elsewhere. Again a cat like Jay- Z can spawn new mentalities when motivated. As far as the groups concerned WU, Tribe, De La Soul, RUN-DMC, Whodini, NWA, Outkast ...much respect ... But again we must understand how this thing is a cycle that allows new cats to drink from the well ... can't poison the water. On another DVD front the same night I peeped out Metallica's 'Some Kind Of Monster.' Another great DVD that it broke down the day to day of the great rock band. Honest, In my debate years ago which had me end up head to head with Lars Ulrich, my point exactly was that going against their fans using Napster wasn't cool because they are the ones that will be with them forever. The same ones that will dig this DVD. Brian Nichols' arrest after his berserk day in Atlanta was also something that Griff and I agreed to as system failure. After a 'his word Vs her word' court case (which ended him in jail for six months, before a court date that was looking like twenty years in prison,) knowing how the system moves down there; it's a possibility this triggered his madness. No excuse, but damn the courts should look into greater detail when it comes down to domestic cases. This scene was a look into the 'snapping of a sane mind that had been pushed over the edge'. A black 'Falling Down.' Still we heard more from the woman who talked him back into the hands of the law as opposed to his ex-girlfriend. Andre 3000 says the museum of 2050 will probably feature 'the black woman' on display. I heard this and it was frightening. Male image is reducing itself to 'caveman-ism' and its acceptance has been even more disturbing. This characteristic is heard all over hip hop and New York radio. TV and video has projected a visual replacement for the black male. Virtual taxidermy - when one looks at something and absorbs one self in that projection. Look, stare, and let it gut the rest of you out through the eyes to the mind. In Washington DC it was an honor to have 'Fear of A Black Planet' as one of the preserved pieces of recorded works by the Library Of Congress. One of two rap situations - the other being 'The Message.' Extremely grateful, and when asked about it, I said it was seriously set out to do just that from the start. Thank you. Label Inbreeding Anyone? Ok, now to the incest aspect of the rap game where it eats itself and doesn't grow. There's only Universal - Sony has merged with BMG, Warner and CEMA. Russell Simmons has built his Russell Simmons Music Group, Lyor Cohen is over at Warner, (Lyor's signed Puffy Combs Bad Boy) same names ... new money for old faces, treading the same waters, adding no balance to the thing of music ... I don't understand who is keeping score on what these guys really do. I can't even say I wish them luck, only because they represent the same position sitters that we all rebelled against. They have turned into the same people. I hope that the JAY-Z era is one that boldly dares to expand the artform rather than continually making the Def Jam brand do like Wal-Mart. Otherwise all this will still result in wacker music, and low content...retarded growth. No, I didnt leave Air America nor did I get fired. I'll be doing a weekly show starting in May - sometimes recorded, at other times rolling live. Stop the blogs now saying I got canned in favor of Jerry Springer, his show is on the former Unfiltered time slot 9-12 noon daily. Rachel Maddow has her own show under her name at 5-6am opening the day up with the news and almost setting it off BBC-ish. Lizz Winstead will be doing other things in TV and comedy, and I really enjoyed my experience with them, learning so much. There was noone who worked harder than those two women to balance out the one sided news propaganda in America. As mentioned before, On The Real is a weekly two hour show I'll be looking to do Sunday nights 10 - midnight with my CO-host, Gia Garel. But a daily presence of a person of color besides Mark Riley in the morning could be needed to balance some of the things that appear to be redundant after about 5pm. Air America is still a necessary signal. Squirrel is up in my roof causing havoc. Pest control can actually be good to pick up a few humans while they're at it. But reading all this fabricated MTV crib mess, it makes you wonder who puts out the garbage? Who washes the dishes? When a toilet overflows, who plunges it? Who cleans all that pitbull sht on the pavement? Who cleans the dirty drawers? If maids and butlers do this work then can we hear their stories? Somebody interview that damn squirrel in my roof, because water is coming in after the rain, which is flooding my ceiling. Real life sht, not that TV fantasy land crap, yall. Again speaking of Johnny Cochran, I repeat - to show the programming powers that be in amerikkka are racist as an old black and white TV set, why don't they give OJ Simpson a reality show? They won't because white conservative and even liberal people in that industry of television and film are racist to the core of their bone marrow. When I hear that 'it's only the color green' is so much bull....because there is a limit indeed. Lemme tell you how much I think mixtapes are wack. Like everything else it starts off being an innovative underground service. Then becomes a essential option for limited playola radio. Then cats start sniffing money and opportunity and greed and poof ... it gets mad sloppy. 30-40 songs mixed allowing underground, total ghettocave mentality spit all over them. Mixtapes are just wack to me. After chillin in Puerto Rico a couple of weekends back, I'm asking: After seeing the beautiful similar sized islands, (the other being Jamaica) I wonder what appeal was there for the second, third and fourth generations after the 40's- 50's migration to even think that the Bronx and Brooklyn were better living options? PR is the 51st state for real. Been a minute since I'd last been there but there's more Blockbusters, KFCs, WalMarts and Wendys than other states. PR is Long Island and Atlanta terrain wise. Great old school respect still.....and the new schoolers pay homage to the old ways. Spike Lee calls it like it is and cats still can't deal with it. Oh yeah, would somebody just let Lebron James grow? Heard a Queens mother bought each one of her five children ages five to fifteen a 50 Cent CD. When I heard this I was saying "What a pacifier." I feel for the ones ages five through twelve, but wonder if the older children are better equipped to handle the grown up matter? Can you blame 50 Cent or the fact that celebrity is such an amerikkkan drug that the masses submit themselves and their duties to a piece of 'art'? I bet the mother ain't even thrity yet. And I know that this has been going on but now there's even a spin on this sickness. 50 Cent belongs in adult circles simple as that. It's like the questions I'm getting about rappers doing pornography. My answer was they should go into it fullblast and NOT try to come back and sell to kids or teenagers at the same time. Snoop and Lil Jon are examples where in their paper and ego chase they feel they gotta cover all bases. It's not like a kid can't find all music connections associated with the artist. They can find it with a click. Cats need to know the line with themselves ... I was off to Hollywood to deliver the goods to Larry Cohen and Barry Devorzon. Although I've lived in Los Angeles, I went straight to Larry's office in order to complete my business right away, then have a little time to spend with my family before heading back to the east coast. I didn't anticipate any problems. Larry put the tape on and heard what was now titled 'The Payback.' He played about half of it, then skipped to the next track, played a little of that, then stopped listening altogether. He looked me straight in the face and said, "This isnt funky enough, Fred." I retorted "Isnt funky enough? I dont know what kind of Hollywood game you're beginning to play, but I do know this is extremely funky music." He began to try to explain something to me when I stopped him and asked to use the telephone. To let Mr. Brown know this. Fred Wesley discusses the rejected Payback in his book "Hit Me, Fred." I still can't forget that cat at the money exchange when I was exchanging my shrinking green US dollars for Sterling UK Pounds. He was laughing his assets off ... I was not laughing ... And just to leave you with this reality to, again, show racism is rampant in this earth, is the fact that no where on the plant can you exchange currency with dark faces equally for paper with light faces. Especially in white places. Think about it - now that's real. If the money and the faces on it aint even equal and respected, how can it even be chased like some false God? Uh huh, scream@me... [email protected]