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Topic: projects w/ TE1 productions, W Ellington Felton, solo, instr

  1. Mar 10, 2006 07:13pm by MILES - [url]http://www.MilesBonny.com/[/url] Location: KCK
    * INtrumental project (all beats, small project) * Solo comp album (other lyricists from all over) * Collab album with TE1 productions out of the UK (where i sing over his beats) * Collab album with W Ellington Felton out of DC (where I make beats and he sings) I posted the 1st track from me and TE1's album on my myspace, check it out. myspace.com/milesbonny
  2. Mar 10, 2006 07:40pm by NRG - livin the art that is life ! www.64111clinic.com fam www.nrginmotion.com massage www.myspace.com/nrginmotion world community Location: havenhouse KCK/ 64111 Clinic 4 Life
    I am lookin forward to hearing every last one of these Miles. Keep me on yo list necia 😉
  3. Mar 10, 2006 08:24pm by sikestyle - -Stuff and Things...Things and Stuff... www.sikestyle.com Location: Kansas City
    Wait.. did i read that right? you're a singer too? worrrrrrd...