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Topic: Discovery Channel to Showcase Detroit Hip Hop

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    DISCOVERY CHANNEL COMES TO DETROIT FOR HIP-HOP\Discovery Channel subsidiary Discovery Times explores the underground hip-hop scene in Detroit. Detroit, MI 2-1-06 The Discovery Times Channel, which is a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel network will showcase a documentary of up and coming Detroit hip-hop on the weekly show "Only in America" narrated by 2 time Pulitzer Prize winning writer Charlie LeDuff of the New York Times. The show will premiere Thursday, February 9th at 8 pm ET/PT. The documentary, which is called "The Real 8 Mile", LeDuff goes back to his home town of Detroit, America's poorest city, to meet established artists and underground rappers hungry to express their life and art thru hip-hop. The show brings us inside Detroit's hip-hop, rap and freestyle music scene with a variety of different lifestyle and races in the Detroit hip-hop community striving for the same goal. In the show are 3 featured artist of different races and backgrounds, major label artist Hush of Geffen records who is Caucasian, underground phenom emcee Ill Uno who is African American, and Detroit hip-hop award nominee and Lazarus who is Pakistanian. The Real 8 Mile shows the struggle, hunger and lifestyle each have to face on the road to success in hip-hop. Also with features and cameo appearances from other Detroit artist and radio media with music score from Detroit up and coming producer and Alpha-bet of Bang on the Table Productions. Check with your local cable operator to be informed on what station the channel Discovery Times airs to view this documentary premiere "The Real 8 Mile" on Thursday February 9th at 8 pm ET/PT Also check the Discovery Times Website for info on the channel and re-run times times.discovery.com/