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Topic: After 20 YEARS, RAKIM's STILL the GOD EMCEE

  1. Feb 4, 2006 02:02am by NRG - livin the art that is life ! www.64111clinic.com fam www.nrginmotion.com massage www.myspace.com/nrginmotion world community Location: havenhouse KCK/ 64111 Clinic 4 Life
    by SSly Shalom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the overwhelming quantity of predictable same-song rappers dominating today’s rap industry, it’s no wonder why so many have abandoned HIPHOP music….except for Listening to those undeniable classics from undeniably classic artists. And who else can deliver emcee rhymes more clever & concise than Rakim? Monday, Jan.31st, at B.B. KINGS in Downtown Manhattan NYC, Rakim Allah who is considered by most within the HipHop community the epitome of lyricism, flow & emceeing gave his audience a most soulfully stimulating, astonishing, back to the essence stage show. All 3 generations of our culture were in the building for this highly anticipated cosmic feature. Before the God set the night off, there were also profound performances by other upper echelon lyricists such as M-1 of Dead Prez; Grandmaster CAZ, Rahiem, Immortal Technique, Killah Priest & producer extraordinaire/emcee/D.J. PETE ROCK! After they did the damn thang heavy, the Awesome Two{Special K & Teddy Ted} hit us it the skullcap with several HipHop essentials such as DWYCK, HipHop Hooray & So Watcha Sayin. And to put the icing on the cake, who came out to the 1’s & 2’s to hold it down for the best emcee other than the best D.J. – Kid Capri ! Rakim’s introduction felt like a ritual as we were given a brief biography of him on DVD, not to mention a touch of spiritual music afterwards, which let us know we were about to be blessed by the same creative force who was the genesis of the Golden Era of HipHop. Smothering us with an ocean of timeless hits[My Melody, Juice, What’s on your mind, In the Ghetto, Paid in Full, etc.] & even a few new joints, Rakim left everybody’s thirst for truly sacred emcees skills unapologetically quenched. The highlights of the entire night are when: a) the God surprised the @#%$ out of us by actually diving into the crowd…..TWICE! Not only did HipHop catch him, they made sure he was placed back on stage safely. b) An elder friend of his had the audience in stitches as he commenced to singing Happy Birthday to Rakim, since his physical born was a few days prior to the show & c) At the finale, Kool Herc, the Father of HipHop got on stage in honor of Rakim’s return to moving the crowds of NYC, as well as acknowledgement of his 20th anniversary as a HipHop Overlord. Ra returned the love by giving Herc infinite gratitude for HipHop’s existence within itself. Other HipHop superpowers who came thru with their potent energy in celebration of the R were Mele Mel, Ultra Magnetic & Brand Nubian. Female energy? Jean Grae. Humongous shoutouts to the Lyricists Lounge for organizing the entire function. For those of you who missed out, the microphone fiend will be rockin B.B.KINGs once again Feb.27th. Rakim’s new album will finally be released this year, titled the Seventh Seal. So, Regardless of all the b.s. we go thru with mainstream media & the music industry aka Corporate America one thing’s Rest Assured, Ra- True HipHop Kulture will ALWAYS LOVE & SUPPORT U. Peace to the God, & R.I.P to Rakim’s Moms, who departed the world in 2005. Mrs. Griffin, you’ve given us one of the most important contributions to HipHop ever in its history,& for that, we are eternally grateful.