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Topic: There are many styles of Shaolin

  1. Jan 25, 2006 06:38am by phism
    introductions and shit. maybe this was covered in the other thread, but who are you and what sort of dj are you? do you play anywhere regularly? most of my records anymore are semi-pop rap shit to invoke dancing that's not listenable during periods of sobriety... but if it gets the girls to dance, then whatever. i try to incorporate danceable underground shit when i can... but, i'm typically dumbing it down. and i've only done some parties and shit for friends... looking to start doing it at a bar but i've yet to make a tape/cd... and i'll be a little more confident with about 1/4 of a crate more music to play, for weekly variety and whatnot (but that'd be a little easier with some form of payment of course). so if you know of any place that's looking for someone, get at me. ideally, i'd like to work on my scratching because the skratch piklz were what made me want to get into it in the first place...