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Topic: BEWARE ALL STYLEBITERS 2- Collab Art Show invite

  1. Jan 23, 2006 09:27pm by LOFIYAH1
    ...beware ALL STYLEBITERS 2! At Creative Mind Community Art Center 3109 Troost. We are looking for some talented artists to add to the roster for this next show to be held at the Art Center on first Saturday March 4th! We are hoping to add another 10-20 artists to the 30+ artists who got down on the succesful first ...beware ALL STYLEBITERS first show several months back which was held at THE BRICK dwntwn KCMO.We sold a large amount of work and made money for the partcipating artists as well as funds to get the art center cleaned out and going! If interested bring an artwork any medium Sat Feb 4th at 5pm to 3109 Troost in the Theatre space inside. Bring a new work that is either unfinished, or can easily be added to by another artist . That Sat we will randomely draw names out of a hat to decide who to team up on each piece, plus be working on one piece from you individually as a non collab to showcase your latest stuff. That means each artist will have 1 collabo & 1 solo art work. We will be taking a 30% comission if your art sells. That will go to The Art Center & to help develop the "HIP HOP ACADEMY" - classes for Jr.High age youth and older teens coming this Spring! That solo work can be dropped off the week before the show (at the latest) If you need more info, contact Lofiya1 by email at [email protected] See you all soon! Lets make another Fat show for KC Artists! Also Dj's or performersw who want to possibly perform at the opening hit us up! Original Stylebiter Crew members are; Shannon Moore, Matt Ruzich, Miriam Feingold, IKA, Rita Brinkerhoff, Jeff Cotter, Ted Kaldis, William Hill, MMott-ly, Boon Guyette, Lo-Fi, David Ford, GEAR, TJ Matthews, Beth Sarver, Mike Springet, Jessica Manco, Stephen Collins, Roman Costa, SKRYBE, Brett Millard, Aaron Sutton, Lori Raye Erickson, Davin Watne, Tim Rowland, Noah Moore, Adrian Halpern, Alan Winkler, Luke Rocha, Zac Laman, J. McConnell, Gary Noland, Ashley Waite, Michael Converse, Kate Brown!