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Topic: 10 Rules To Staying On Top Of The Mixtape Game

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    10 Rules To Staying On Top Of The Mixtape Game by Street Industry.com http://p076.ezboard.com/fpoliticalpalacefrm70.showMessage?topicID=67.topic 1) Love what you do. Love for the music comes first, not fame, money or women. Fame comes in many ways, you can do plenty of things to become famous (i.e.: Paris Hilton) and as far as a car is concerned you don't need a record deal to buy the new Bentley. Money is all you need and there are plenty of ways to get money. (If you don't believe me stay up late one night and watch a couple of infomercials. Please believe these cats are getting money, Airtime isn't cheap even at 5am on an early Sunday morning it cost money) 2) Be yourself. Let Clue be Clue and Kay Slay be Kay Slay…If you're out here trying to be somebody you're not, staying on top of the mixtape game should be the least of your worries, it seems you might have self esteem issues. 3) Keep your ear to the streets. You have to know what the people want to hear. This isn't radio, there are no program directors standing over your shoulder telling you when and where to play a song. This totally relies on you. 4) Don't sleep on the competition. There are a million and one mixtape djs out there and only one top slot so you have to fight for that position. That means stay 4 steps ahead of the game. You can do this by studying what's going on not only in your market but other markets also. You should always know who dropped what cd, when they dropped it and what they have on it. Do the research! 5) Be steady on your Grind. Like they say, "you don't grind then you don't eat" so do what you have to do to make it happen. Whether it means building relationships with people at the labels to get music or sitting in front of your computer all day looking for that one hot song that will put your cd over the top. Find that song that will make them put down the other cd and pick up yours. 6) Stay Fly. Packaging is everything, the first thing people see even before your track listing is your cover, so it has to be hot. That means if you have your little brother or sister drawing you a cd cover while they're laying in front of the TV watching Saturday morning cartoons, then you need to step your game up and get it professionally done. That goes for everything from your cover to the writing on the cd itself. You can sell almost anything if it's packaged right. If it means you have to break bread and spend a little more to get it on point, then do that. Trust me, the money will come back to you in the long run. 7) Build a Strong team. If you think your going to do it alone then your sadly mistaken you have to build a strong team. Every dj has a team of people behind team. The numbers may vary from 1 to 100 depending on how many people you choose to affiliate yourself with. These are the cats that will hold you down. Build a strong network. The longer your reach is the more you eat, so that means you have to build a name for yourself outside of your market. That means if you're from LA then having people riding up and down Crenshaw playing your cd isn't enough. They should be playing your cd all over like LL would say from "Hollis to Hollywood". That should be your goal from Hollis to Hollywood and everywhere in between. Look at it like one big game of monopoly; the person that has the most property wins. That includes over seas also… it's more then the Benjamins in '06; it's a brand new day. It's about the francs, the yen and any other currency you can get your hands on. 9) Get money. Although we do it for the love, lets keep it real… at the end of the day you have to get money. I mean, love won't put a roof over your head or food on your table. So if your not getting money you need to find a way to. 10) Keep the faith. The only thing that separates good from great is your ability to take chances. The only person that can stop you is you, and if you don't believe in yourself neither will others.