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Topic: Ernie's Hip Hop Awards 2005

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    Hip Hop Awards (actually this covers 2004-2005) by Ernie Paniciolli [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Man of the Year[/b:824fffdf09]-From Golfing with Lee Iacocca to training kids to win ball games to being on every TV show, music video and CD in America to trying to rally support to help keep Tookie Williams alive he has no equal this year. and the winner is Snoop Dogg. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop same ol, same ol Award[/b:824fffdf09]-Crunk videos, hoes, tricked out cars,gold teeth, spinning rims, champagne, bling, dancing in the club or spinnin on a pole. It looks like the same 30 women, the same 7 clubs, the same 20 cars, the same 5 recycled beats. Hands down Crunk videos win this coveted award. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Sucker of the Year Award[/b:824fffdf09]-This is a tough one, should be shared and was really fought for by many, but the winner is Arnold Swarzenniggerr. Signed a death warrant for Tookie Williams because he said Tookie dedicated his book to political prisoners. In Austria (are there any people of color living there?) there is a movement to strip the bodybuilder of his Austrian citizenship and change the name of a football field named after him to "Tookie Williams Stadium". Arnold is the winner for being a cold hearted punk. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Cartoon Award[/b:824fffdf09]-(I'm going to get heat from the self righteous and thin skinned on this one fo' sho). "The Boondocks" by Aaron McGruder is laugh out loud funny as hell and dead on point. Yes, I know he wears out the N word, maybe that's his point. The Award goes to "The Boondocks" [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Noriega What? What? Award[/b:824fffdf09]- Yeah I got caught spying on your behind.... What? What?. Yeah I invaded two countries illegally.... What? What?. Yeah I let a thousand people die in a hurricane.... What? What? Yeah I have a Federal deficit unequaled in the history of the world..... What? What? Yeah I allow torture and killing of innocent people.....What? What? Yeah I stole an election or two.... What? What?.............no competition at all the proud but dumb and dull witted winner is "The Nig**a you love to Hate"- G.W. Bush [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Sell Out Ho of The Year Award[/b:824fffdf09]-Yes there were many, but the winner beat out Superhead by a country mile for being cold hearted, mean spirited, just plain tacky and a bone ugly, gap tooth mess. For shopping at Ferragamo's for $8000.00 shoes on 5th Avenue in NYC while tens of thousand of her brothers and sisters were struggling to stay alive without food, water or shelter, five days after Katrina struck......the award goes to a skeezer named Condelezza. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Journalist of the Year[/b:824fffdf09]- To reporting non stop on everything that mattered in the world of Hip Hop. From Tookie to Katrina, from Public Enemy to Crunk to Richard Pryor to Snoop to the Gotti trial. This man kept us informed, made us laugh, made us angry, made us think, hell, even made us cry, but most of all made us think. The winner is Mr. Davey D. and www.daveyd.com [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Breaking News Award-[/b:824fffdf09] This one was a very easy call : allhiphop.com [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Movie of The Year[/b:824fffdf09] - Ludacris proved he was a dope rapper long ago, in this movie he proved he can act. and the winner is CRASH. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Trials of The Year[/b:824fffdf09]- #4 Beanie Segal #3 L'Il Kim #2-Murder Inc. #1-Michael Jackson. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Organization of The Year[/b:824fffdf09]- We have two winners here # 1 - Universal Zulu Nation (32 years old and still going strong) and # 2 - The Universal Federation for The Preservation of Hip Hop Culture aka The Federation It's members include Afrika Bambaataa, KRS1, Busy Bee, Luvbug Starski, Meli Mel, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Caz, Yoda of The Crash Crew, DJ Hollywood, Fable of The Rock Steady Crew, Pebble Poo, Simone Joy, and photographers Ernie Paniccioi, and Joe Conzo. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Clothing Line of The Year[/b:824fffdf09]-For promoting respect to the pioneers and supporting the truth about the birth of Hip Hop Sedgwick & Cedar is a non flossing winner. First Runner Up-...........................Exact-Science for creating a Hip Hop Photogrpher Collection Series [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Lifetime Posthumous Awards[/b:824fffdf09]-Richard Pryor, Rosa Parks, Ossie Davis and Stanley Tookie Williams. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Latino Man of The Year[/b:824fffdf09]-For the amazing music video "Reggaeton Latino" the award goes to Don Omar. [b:824fffdf09]Major Threat to HIp Hop Award-[/b:824fffdf09]For recycling and jacking more beats than Rap, for more bling than in any Crunk video, for more half nude hootchies and for shaking more booties than rap and even more tricked out rides.....This award goes to Reggaeton. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop "You was hot and now you're not Award"-[/b:824fffdf09]You could fill a stadium with these potential award winners. We would have to do this in alphabetical order to be fair to everyone. But the two that win by a landslide are The Source (they win for being drama queens and dissing everyone from 50 to Eminmen) and Vibe magazines (Vibe for having Bow Wow on the cover with fake hair Queen Ciara, then doing Mary J. Blige dirty by having a shot of her that made her look like an alien water bug). [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Beef Squash Award[/b:824fffdf09]-Jay and Nas on stage together making peace. They showed how we should act like grown ups and keep it moving ( sorry Jay I still love Ether). [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Job of The Year Award[/b:824fffdf09]- Jay being made the CEO and HNIC of Def Jam. Hip Hop Diss of The Year Award- To The Source for their cover with the logo G UAin't. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Wackest Award[/b:824fffdf09]- It's would have been tough to narrow this one down except the winner risked his life to earn this award and proved that all his conscious lyrics came from smoking too much of his namesake. For joining the Army and asking to go fight in an illegal, immoral war in Iraq the unchallenged winner by first round knockout is Canibus Hip Hop Hypocrite Award-By leaving the church to go back To Bad Boy, then hopping over into G Unit he knocked out all contenders. Winner and still champion Mase. His trophy will be a small anatomically correct red shiny suited Puffy doll. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Diva Award-[/b:824fffdf09]Again this should have multiple winners but by her antics, lost voice and nutty behavior she even beats out the crazy Mulatto Mariah. She demands nobody look at her, they must face the wall and even then just call her Ms. Hill. So I will respect her wishes, Ms. Hill you just won the Diva Award. (her award is a bronzed copy of the Betty Boop wig she wore after her 5 year retirement). [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Flaming Ego Award-[/b:824fffdf09]Again a very crowded field, but the winner has been struggling to win this award for years by being a flagrant media whore. His victory was assured when he sent out a mass e-mail of his shameless, bloated bio that stated in part that he was "....a CENTRAL FIGURE in the Katrina relief efforts....", this in spite of the fact that tens of thousands of folks across the country and around the world helped in ways great and small and many risked their lives to assist. The clear winner is Kevin "I Love The Spotlight" Powell. [b:824fffdf09]Hip Hop Master Detective Sherlock Holmes Award- For [/b:824fffdf09]brilliant,outstanding, amazing forensic work, fantastic police work as well as swift solutions. For going way beyond the call of duty and critical analysis of the facts at hand. This award will have to be shared by the NYPD, the LAPD and the Las Vegas PD. For their not solving the murders of Big, Tupac or Jam Master Jay after all these years they will be presented with the First Annual Gas Face Awards. (The awards after party will be at Mickey D's. Jah Rule will be singing a duet with Ashanti called "Do You Want Fries With That?" )
  2. Mar 19, 2006 01:55pm by phantom_man
    Anybody that wants to see sum Boondocks music videos goto the video section of www.siaura.com. There's a nice one of that Samurai scene.