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Topic: DJ Premier and Green Lantern Pick a Winner in Scion Emcee Co

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    DJ Premier and Green Lantern Pick a Winner in Scion Emcee Competition Wednesday - December 21, 2005 by Janee Bolden Toyota's Scion brand recently announced a winner in its Next Up Unsigned Emcee competition. Judges DJ Green Lantern, DJ Premier and A&R/DJ Sean Cane chose Kansas City rapper Reach as Scion's top pick. Reach's song, "Comin For You," was selected out of some 1,700 song submissions from rappers throughout the U.S. According to Scion sources, the songs novelty lay in its "refreshing groove and positive vibes." Reach received $5,000 in prize money, the opportunity to perform at Scion events, and a video produced using Scion funds. The contest sparked controversy last year when one of the contestants, Texas rapper Bavu Blakes was disqualified from being a finalist after being told lyrics to his song "Black Gold" were too political. The song, which was a reference to oil, contained lyrics like: "Now Bush and Bin Laden got so much they rotten," "Texas home of the real Death Row" and "What'd we really go to Iraq fo'?" Last year, Brooklyn rap group Junk Science was ultimately selected as winner of the grand prize. They have gone on to release a video through Scion's A/V music project, as well as a LP, entitled Feeding Einstein, which came out in November. In addition to the Next Up Unsigned Emcee competition, Scion also sponsors the Free Up Your Mix DJ contest and the xPress Fest filmmaker competition. For more information visit www.scion.com.