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Topic: Got Beef? Take It Online With New Battle Website

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    http://alerts.sohh.com/article.php/8043 Monday - December 19, 2005 by Ivory M. Jones Battle-hungry MCs no longer have to wait until freestyle night to battle other MCs, thanks to Toronto's Majid Manzarpour and Trailblaze Studios. Manzarpour and his team at Trailblaze are the founders of Letsbeef.com, a website that gives aspiring rappers a platform to showcase their freestyle battle skills via the Internet. The site allows users to register and compete at absolutely no cost. Manzarpour says that what separates his site from other freestyle battle sites is that Letsbeef.com allows users to record their verse over pre-recorded beats directly onto the website using Flash technology. The battles are then made available for immediate playback. "I had seen lots of freestyle forums on the internet, but they weren't' very easy," Manzarpour explains. "People are doing battles, but they have to know how to record their own tracks, mix them and upload them. The average users don't know how to do that." He says they came up with the idea to use Flash technology because it was user-friendly and most PC owners already have it installed. Battle hopefuls also do not have to worry about rhyming over another artist's track; all of the tracks used on the site are courtesy of independent producers. In exchange for the tracks, the producers are given free advertising on the site. So far, word seems to be quickly spreading for the site. Since its November 1 launch, over 1700 users have registered. Though mostly word-of-mouth, Manzarpour says they also have a small marketing plan in place, which includes an advertising campaign through Google.