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Topic: DJ Muggs is a True Grandmaster by Davey D

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    DJ Muggs is a True Grandmaster by Davey D DJ Muggs is one of those cats who have done a lot but it’s not really realized until you sit back and start to add everything up. Once you do then you truly understand that Muggs is a force to be reckoned with… In other words he’s a true Grandmaster Let’s take a brief look. First you have a guy who was a member of one of the first west coast rap acts to have a major record deal. How many of y’all remember the group 7A3? You get extra bonus points if you can recall the other 2 guys Brett and Sean B? No slight on them but Muggs is the man we all know in 2005. Next we have Muggs doing demo tapes for one of Hip Hop’s first bonafide Latin rap superstars-Mellow Man Ace. In our interview Muggs talks about how he helped Mellow land his first record deal. Later we have Muggs teaming up with B-Real and Mellow Man’s Ace’s brother Sen Dog to form the landmark group Cypress Hill. Not enough can be written about this group which went on to put out 12 albums and helped redefine Hip Hop’s musical landscape. Later on we have Muggs hooking up to do stuff with House of Pain. How many of y’all remember that big hit ‘Jump Around’? That was Muggs who created that joint. Muggs also went on to help make a big hit for Ice Cube ‘Check ya Self Before You Wreck Yourself”. He also made noise with his group The Soul Assassins. People may recall the two albums they released that was full of rap luminaries. If that’s not enough he’s made a major mark in this new music craze we call Mash Ups which mixes Rock and Rap in ways that we never thought possible. Through intricate production and wild imagination, Muggs makes Ludacris sound like he really went in the studio with a rock group like Tool. All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Muggs has produced slamming tracks for damn near everyone ranging from KRS-One to Dr Dre. Currently he along with his partner Chase Infinite from the group Self Scientific head up a new record label called Angelis Records which seeks to fill a void and bring Hip Hop back to a day and time when it was raw, gritty and captivating. The first release off the new label venture is a slamming album called Gza vs. DJ Muggs-Grandmasters. Muggs noted that he always wanted to produce tracks for GZA and lay down some beats that would further highlight the skillz possessed by one of Hip Hop’s dopest emcees. Trust me, Muggs delivers as does GZA. In our interview with Muggs, he gives us a rundown about his early days in the business. He also talks to us about his love for Rock-N-Roll and why he started doing ‘Mash Ups’. He explains that he comes from the school where Hip Hop was inspired by rock. He goes on to cite numerous examples including Run DMC’s collab with Aerosmith to do redo ‘Walk this Way’. He also gives the origin of the term ‘Mash Up’. He acknowledges that it’s a West coast term. We also chop it up about the current state of Hip Hop. Muggs laments that today albums seem to only have a shelf life of about a week. He wonders out loud why albums don’t stay with fans for a full year like they once did. He dislikes the disposable culture we now live in. He notes that this disdain was one of the inspirations behind forming Angelis Records. The goal is to have a boutique that specializes in releasing uncompromised Hip Hop music that is built off its original essence.. We also talk about sampling and how it has affected him as a producer. He says the new laws and restrictions have made him better. He says he now digs deeper and gets more creative. Lastly Muggs updates on the whereabouts of many of the groups he’s worked with including Cypress Hill. Enjoy the interview