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Topic: Encyclopedia of Rap and Hip Hop Drops in Store

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    Yvonne Bynoe Drops Encyclopedia of Rap and Hip Hop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scholars, students and music fans who want to learn about rap music and Hip Hop, now can bypass web sites and articles with questionable facts and instead read The (Greenwood Press). The Encyclopedia of Rap and Hip Hop Culture, the first comprehensive reference book to document the history of rap music and Hip Hop in the United States, will be available in libraries and online bookstores on December 31, 2005. Hip Hop is comprised of four art forms: MC'ing (rapping), B-boying (breakdancing), Deejaying (music) and Graffiti (visual art). The encyclopedia examines all four elements through its 500 entries, 100 photographs, discographies after entries and a "for further listening" listing. No newcomer to Hip Hop, author Yvonne Bynoe has been writing about rap music and Hip Hop for the past 10 years. Famed scholar Manning Marable called Bynoe, "one of Hip Hop Culture's most insightful observers." Mark Anthony Neal, author of several books on popular culture said that Bynoe is a member of "the Hip Hop intelligentsia." According to Bynoe, "Hip Hop has existed for over thirty years and has become part of mainstream American culture, yet until now there was not one source for thorough information on the subject. The Encyclopedia of Rap and Hip Hop Culture will be an indispensable reference book for people who want to educate themselves about Hip Hop and the people who contributed to it."