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Topic: Talysman.com is done!!

  1. Sep 4, 2007 12:23am by Talysman
    Links to pages all throughout this post - are [color=darkred:a0545ecb20][u:a0545ecb20][b:a0545ecb20]underlined, bold, and darkred[/b:a0545ecb20][/u:a0545ecb20][/color:a0545ecb20] Cheyeah - chicca - chyeah - it's DOOOONE!!! I'm happy as hell with a capital "H." This site has been a big work in progress for some time now, and it is finally completed. It's another tool to promote the Kansas City hiphop area - ask anyone who'd done interviews with me in the past for the site - and just get my thoughts out there. People can also download my music there for free since I'm not really trying to do anything with the music these days - I just do it for the feel you know... Anyway [b:a0545ecb20][u:a0545ecb20]the new [url=http://www.talysman.com][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]Talysman.com[/color:a0545ecb20][/url] consists of[/u:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20]: The homepage (of course - link to above) A section entitled [url=http://talysman.com/talysmanthoughts.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]Thoughts[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] which just links to my blog and keeps you informed about me outisde of the hiphop stuff A [url=http://talysman.com/talysmannews.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]News[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] section that will have daily updated news RSS fed by the good folks of hiphopdx.com A [url=http://talysman.com/talysmanworkinprogress.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]Works In Progress[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] section that has absolutely no flash or glam to it; this area will feature unfinalized works of mine - whether they be audio or visual A very thorough [url=http://talysman.com/talysmanhiphophistory.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]History[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] timeline running from 1925 - 2006 (get yo knowledge on) A section dedicated to my [url=http://talysman.com/talysmanart.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]Art[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] (not sure if I'll feature guest artists here or not yet) A [url=http://talysman.com/talysmanmusic.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]Music[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] section with triple treats: - A [color=darkred:a0545ecb20]"Song" [/color:a0545ecb20]section that has my songs in it - A [color=darkred:a0545ecb20]"Beats"[/color:a0545ecb20] section that has my instrumentals in it - An [color=darkred:a0545ecb20]"O.P.P." [/color:a0545ecb20]section that will feature the works of other artists - if you're interested in getting music on this section, please PM me A [url=http://talysman.com/talysmangrafitti.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]Grafitti[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] section that spotlights Kansas City's graf heads without giving away the locations of their work (would hate to see it get buffed) A [url=http://talysman.com/talysmanvideos.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]Video[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] section which will have a variety of content in it, ranging from interviews to video journals and all the fun little in-betweens [b:a0545ecb20][u:a0545ecb20]Other things include[/u:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20]: a [url=https://talysman.com/ssl/mailinglist.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]mailing list[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] for those that want to be updated about the site on a regular basis [url=http://talysman.com/Musicpage/MusicSurvey_Main.html][b:a0545ecb20][color=darkred:a0545ecb20]surveys[/color:a0545ecb20][/b:a0545ecb20][/url] where visitors can rate my music a [color=darkred:a0545ecb20]"Stuff"[/color:a0545ecb20] section [i:a0545ecb20]on the homepage[/i:a0545ecb20] that just tells about random things that are going on a [color=darkred:a0545ecb20]"Game of the Week"[/color:a0545ecb20] that visitors can play for free on their computers when they're board [[i:a0545ecb20]automatically pops up on the homepage[/i:a0545ecb20]] -- Right now "Street Fighter - Ryu vs. Sagat" is up. These games will be archived for future play. and lastly, [color=darkred:a0545ecb20]links to other cool sites[/color:a0545ecb20] [on the homepage - these will probably change monthly]