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Topic: Right about Now new release from Talib Kweli

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    go here and check it out http://www.audibletreats.com/kweli.html Talib Kweli - Press Release KOCH RECORDS TO RELEASE BRAND NEW CD BY TALIB KWELI RIGHT ABOUT NOW… TO BE RELEASED ON NOVEMBER 22ND ALBUM INCLUDES 12 NEW TRACKS AND FEATURES JEAN GRAE AND MOS DEF (November 2, 2005) ― New York, NY — KOCH Records and Blacksmith Music announce the release of a new CD by talented MC, Talib Kweli. Right About Now…, the new CD with 12 brand new tracks. Right About Now… features Jean Grae, Mos Def, Papoose and more, and will be released on November 22nd, 2005. The first singles, “Who Got It,” produced by Kareem Riggs, and “Fly That Knot” are reacting simultaneously at urban radio right now. Kweli states, “Right About Now sums up this project. Usually when my music comes out, the people hear where I was a year ago. This project represents where I am right now.” Talib Kweli is currently co-headlining The Breed Love Odyssey Tour (sponsored by PlayStation and House of Blues) with Mos Def. The national tour continues through the end of the year and also features Jean Grae, Pharoahe Monch and Medina Green. Kweli is a member of legendary groups Black Star (with Mos Def) and Reflection Eternal (with super producer Hi-Tek) as well as a successful solo artist, and has established himself as one of the most skilled artists in hip hop today. Kweli ranks among the most respected MCs in the game - even garnering reverence from multi-platinum artist Jay-Z in his song “Moment of Clarity” on the platinum release The Black Album. With lyrics that range from the classic battle rap to emotionally charged, socially conscious commentary, Kweli is an intelligent wordsmith who has the knack for bridging the gaps between hip hop fans of all types. With the respect of his colleagues and hip hop fans around the world, this new release is sure to be a favorite. The track listing for Right About Now…: 1. Right About Now 2. Drugs, Basketball & Rap feat. Planet Asia & Phil The Agony 3. Who Got It 4. Fly That Knot feat. MF Doom 5. Ms. Hill 6. Flash Gordon 7. Supreme Supreme feat. Mos Def 8. The Beast feat. Papoose 9. Roll Of Me 10. Rock On 11. Where Ya Gonna Run (Jean Grae feat. Talib Kweli) 12. Two & Two