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Topic: DJ Sparkle Winner of the Femmix Battle in New York

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    An Interview w/ DJ Sparkle-Winner of Female DJ Battle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Sparkle(s) Takes First Place At She’s My DJ Battle She’s My DJ Battle, first authentic female DJ battle took place November 8th in New York, hosted by the legendary Kool DJ Red Alert. DJ Sparkle(s) whose straight outta Philly took first place...This battle tested turntablist has radio experience on all levels, as well as local and national television appearances. Most recently she appeared as guest DJ on BET’s Rap City In the Basement with Big Tigger. The organizers of She’s My DJ, Tachelle Wilkes, Femmixx.com, founder and Dannielle “Danny” Brantley, Mocha Works, Marketing, founder look forward to making She’s My DJ an annual event. Listen To The Interview: www.femmixx.com/interviewpage2.html