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Topic: 11-19-05 @ The El Torreon A"Toys For Tots" Charity

  1. Nov 5, 2005 06:29pm by gunrok Location: KC
    [color=red:a35af999a9]CALLING ALL BBOYS, BREAKERS, JUGGALOS, JUGGALETTES, WICKED CLOWNS AND BEATLOVERS FROM ALLLLLLLLLLL OVERRRRR![/color:a35af999a9] [color=blue:a35af999a9]Mental-E Challyngd Records (MCR)[/color:a35af999a9] Presents: Their Annual "[color=yellow:a35af999a9]Toys For Tots[/color:a35af999a9]" Drive. Bring in a toy in its original wrap and get in free. SAT. NOVEMBER 19, 2005 7pm to 1am at The El Torreon Artists Merchandise will be available. Playing alongside MCR Artists are locals, [color=red:a35af999a9]Reach[/color:a35af999a9] - www.myspace.com/reach and [color=red:a35af999a9]Naydivz[/color:a35af999a9] - www.myspace.com/naydivz MCR Artist performing: [color=blue:a35af999a9]Cryptik, DOC, Necrosy, O\D, Diablos, Skitzo, Sinister and Young Clyde[/color:a35af999a9] More info on MCR Artist at: www.mcrsb.com