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Topic: A BIG multi-genre show

  1. Jun 25, 2007 10:25pm by Chronic - Chronic Loves You. You Love Chronic. I'm from the thuggish streets of Leawood! You'd best have a sling-shot or a wiffle-ball bat if you roll my block! [url=http://popfreeradio.com]Popfreeradio.com[/url], Bitches!
    Sup all? been a minute since i posted here, but i'm the busiest pothead on earth. popfreeradio.com is working on a giant multi-genre show for september. We're planning to have everything from hip-hop to punk, from metal to accoustic bluegrass... 12-15 acts in one day on 2 stages... anyway, we need some local hip-hop talent for the gig. I'm thinking 3 hip-hop acts total. the pay is obviously gonna be a small percentage given the number of acts involved in the show, but it should be great exposure for any artist looking to get some name-recognition in town, and it'll be a great "in" with lots of other local musicians from all genres for potential cross-over/collaboration projects. anyway, if you're an artist, or you represent an artist who'd like to get in on this community-building, genre-blending show e-mail me: [email protected] include some background info on yourself/your artist. gimme a myspace link, or a website link, and include a couple mp3s that showcase your skills, and a list of venues where you've performed. also, feel free to hit me with questions about the show... but I'm a slacker on getting back to message boards (obviously) so e-mail me.