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Topic: Lauryn Hill's Mixtape DJ J. Period

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    Player Watch: Lauryn Hill's Mixtape DJ J. Period Monday - October 24, 2005 by Tiffany Hamilton Since the tender age of 5, DJ J.Period has been in love with Hip-Hop. From making dubbed tapes in his basement to working with one of the most legendary females in the game, Ms. Lauryn Hill, J. Period is definitely making a name for himself. With multiple upcoming projects with some of the biggest names in the industry and also owning his own production company, Truelements, J. Period is definitely a player to watch. J. period has always had an ear for music. Since he first saw the film Beat Street, he knew he wanted to be a part of the movement. "I was in first grade when I first saw Beat Street, J. Period told SOHH.com, "When it came out, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of. From the first time I was introduced to Hip-Hop, I knew I wanted to be a B-Boy." J. Period got his first taste of the spotlight when he started making mix tapes for his friends. After being bootlegged, he started to create a buzz catching the attention of many major labels. "I remember I started out making cassette dubs for my friends," J. Period recalls," Then once the cd burners hit I was glad because I could make more than one at a time[laughs]. It had grown so big that people were actually bootlegging my mix tapes and that is how it ended up on the desk of record executives." J has gone from being a hot commodity on the street and touring as the DJ for Def Poetry Jam, to catching the attention of Lauryn Hill's husband and eventually the attention of Lauryn Hill. The release of his compilation "The Best of Lauryn Hill", not only created a name for J, but also helped him gain a core following. "I came to New York as a DJ," J. Period told SOHH.com, " Little by little my name started to grow and all these people started hitting me up. Once I did the Lauryn [Hill] record, it was like a snowball effect, people from everywhere were starting to know my name." Riding high on the success of his compilation with Lauryn Hill, J. Period has been tapped to work with artists like Q-Tip, Buju Banton and C.L. Smooth. Besides his growing work as a DJ, J has also been making major moves with his production company Truelements. "I am not looking in to starting a label anytime soon," J. Peiod told SOHH.com, " I love the creative aspect of the game too much. What I love about owning a production company, is the fact that it frees me to follow my instincts. I can create and support the type of products that I think the game needs, regardless of other people's rules and ideas of what I ought to be creating. My goal is to contribute some substance to the culture." "Ever since Beat Street I have loved Hip-Hop, but i never thought i would be doing this for a living. That passion for hip hop is what has me working with some of the best in the game right now, and that's what I am going to continue to follow." J. Periods Play-O-Graph [b:87e88fbbba]Projects for 2005 [/b:87e88fbbba] ●Upcoming "Best of" mixtapes for Q-Tip and C.L. Smooth, also working on untitled projects for Buju Banton and Jin. [b:87e88fbbba]Projections for 2005 [/b:87e88fbbba] ●"The biggest thing I have coming up I can't really announce right now, But I would definitely say look out for the Banton, Tip and Smooth records because they are all going to be dope." [b:87e88fbbba]J. Period's Watch List [/b:87e88fbbba] ●Zion I ●Jin ●Q Unique(of The Arsonists and The Rock Steady Crew) [b:87e88fbbba]Quote of the Year [/b:87e88fbbba] ●"Do what you do for the love of it, because that's the only thing that gives back."
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