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Topic: new joint up

  1. Jun 3, 2007 05:29pm by rhythmonster
    a little bit different... [url]www.myspace.com/rhythmonster[/url]
  2. Jun 3, 2007 10:04pm by Deta!L - I just said that so you would stop bothering me.
    dope! good vibes all around, I could definitely throw that in the headphones and bust out some bar spins
  3. Jun 4, 2007 02:22am by Atilla_Beatsmith - [email protected] www.myspace.com/manwithahammer Location: the Beatcave, U.S.A.
    Joint is FRESH. I'm loving it.
  4. Jun 4, 2007 02:57am by DR.T - nuts .. haha Location: KCMO
    [size=18:3a9af10cad][color=orange:3a9af10cad]DOPENESS, MAN!!! That joint is REAL funky![/color:3a9af10cad][/size:3a9af10cad]