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Topic: Hip-hop duo Blackalicious works its 'Craft'

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    Hip-hop duo Blackalicious works its 'Craft' By Ivory M. Jones news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20051...cious_dc_3 NEW YORK (Billboard) - Bay Area duo Blackalicious released its fifth studio album, "The Craft," September 27. Although chart success has eluded MC Gift of Gab and DJ/producer Chief Xcel, they have amassed a loyal following with their organic brand of hip-hop. "We may not have gotten on MTV or whatever -- not to say that we're going to run from that -- but year by year, brick by brick and piece by piece, we've built our fan base up, and that's definitely a blessing," Gab says. The new album marks the duo's debut on Los Angeles-based Epitaph imprint Anti- Records after a stint on MCA. "When MCA folded, we had already been working on our record," Xcel explains, "so we wanted to be someplace that was going to be well funded, allow us to be free and not get in our mix. (Anti-) offered us a deal that made sense on every level." With creative control in their hands, they assembled an eclectic roster of guests, including R&B/jazz singer Ledisi, British neo-soul duo Floetry and legendary funkster George Clinton, who can be heard on the track "Lotus Flower." Gab and Xcel learned firsthand to respect Clinton's creative process. "It was an incredible experience," Gab recalls. "Just the fact that he would work with us was like, the heavens opened up. The process was like watching a master at work. When he put his vocals down, he sounded a little ill, so we were like, 'Do you want to do that again?,' and he was like, 'No, I meant to do that. Keep recording."' The result? "By the time he got done, he'd done about 10 layers of vocals. It came out to be a masterpiece."