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Topic: Stic.Man Teaches the Art of Emcee-ing

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    By John Kennedy www.thehilltoponline.com/...2859.shtml Stic.man, one half of the revolutionary hip-hop group dead prez, has sought to help developing emcees improve their craft with his new book, titled, "The Art of Emcee-ing." Stic will sign copies of his new book at the Howard University Bookstore today from 2 p.m to 3:30 p.m. "The Art of Emcee-ing" can help aspiring rappers combat writer's block, construct songs and improve live performance. "When you teach, you learn," Stic.man told The Hilltop. "I knew [writing the book] would help me and strengthen what I've been learning over 20 years of being an emcee and a student to this game and nine years professionally with dead prez." "I focus on the creative aspect of being an emcee," he continued. "A lot of people can rap, but they don't understand the musical theory and song structure, what a chorus is and how to tell a story." Chapter titles of the book include "Lyrics - Painting Pictures" and "Jump in the Booth -Recording Tips." But aside from the artistic topics, Stic also touches on business components of hip-hop, such as publishing rights. "I just wanted to share insight," Stic.man said, "to arm the artist, not to pimp the artist with the information that managers and lawyers take advantage of." Stic felt the responsibility to write "The Art of Emcee-ing" to extend his skill to newer rappers in order to preserve the hip-hop culture. "If we don't do that for ourselves, it's going to be the scholars who don't even rap writing it, or some White boy is going to say 'this is hip-hop'." The 112-page book includes a ten-track CD of beats produced by Stic, exclusive photos, and commentary from rapper Common. The publishing industry is not new to Stic, as he has previously released "Warrior Names From Afrika." He already has plans to release multimedia types of books in the future through his publishing company, Boss Up, Inc. "We're working on a crazy book for next year. Something brand new and innovative. The subject matter is innovative and also the style of writing - to make it interesting to the hood." It should be no surprise to those familiar with dead prez that Howard is not Stic.man's only stop while in the nation's capital. The militant lyricist also attended the Millions More Movement Saturday afternoon. "Right now I'm soaking it up, listening to the speeches," he said while at the movement. "I'm just here on a fact-finding mission and to make connections and to meet the brothers and the sisters and turn that back into stronger unity." An issue that was touched on during the Millions More Movement was reparations. Realizing how important a concern it is, Stic.man chose reparations as the theme of his "Big Payback Emcee" contest. "The Big Payback Emcee" contest requires up-and-coming artists to record an original song based on the subject of reparations using the CD of instrumentals included with Stic.man's book. The artist who composes the most creative song will be given the opportunity to appear on a track with dead prez. "I thought that it would help the reparations movement to have a lot of the young emcees coming up be informed," Stic said of the contest's topic choice. "That's why we linked up with NCOBRA - The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America - to provide the information to the brothers and sisters with talent so they can express it." But does Stic trust that Black people will ever be granted reparations? "Believe we're going to get it," he said with confidence. Then, after pausing briefly, he finishes his thought: "or as 50 Cent says: 'or die trying'."