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Topic: Danger Mouse Wins Q Award for Producer of The Year

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    Danger Mouse Wins Q Award for Producer of The Year (October 11th, 2005, Los Angeles) - Waxploitation announced today that Danger Mouse has been honored with this years Q Award for Producer of The Year. The magazine’s annual awards ceremony took place at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. Danger Mouse and Gorillaz shared the award for the 'Demon Days' CD, which also won the Best Video award. Danger Mouse couldn’t be there in person but Damon Albarn stepped up to collect the award. Danger Mouse, an artist and producer who continues to defy labeling, has seen 2004/2005 as whirlwind years: Honored as one of GQ Magazine’s ‘Men of the Year’ (alongside Kanye West); named “Eccentric Genius of the Year” by SPIN; hailed as "The Hottest Hip-Hop Producer in the World" by NME, honored with Entertainment Weekly’s Album of the Year and added to Q Magazine’s "Industry's 100 Most Influential People" list. In addition to producing Gorillaz Demon Days CD, Danger Mouse recently produced DANGERDOOM, Danger Mouse’s collaborative debut album with MF DOOM, one of hip hop’s most acclaimed and original MCs. The album, titled The Mouse and The Mask, features Ghostface Killah, Talib Kweli and Cee-Lo. 2006 will see the release of his Gnarls Barkley project with Cee-Lo. Danger Mouse gained unprecedented notoriety after producing his infamous Grey Album, a unique work touted as one of the most intriguing productions of all time, an album that forever raised the bar on hip hop experimentalism, dubbed a 'bootleg masterpiece' by GQ. With one million illegal downloads in one day and the ensuing legal battles between major record companies and copyright advocates, the Grey Album is considered a watershed moment in music history. For more information, please check out www.dangermousesite.com and www.q4music.com/