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Topic: HIP HOP ACADEMY CLASSES for youth NOW! @ KCMO area libraries

  1. Jan 17, 2007 04:41pm by LOFIYAH1
    Here is our upcoming class list for youth ages 10 - 17 we have more ongoing classes coming up soon. We'll keep ya posted.. Get at us if you are interested in teaching or helping out! [email protected] Please Let your younger family / friends know: Ages 12-18 LH BLUFORD LIBRARY 31st & Prospect 816-701-3482 January 25th Thurs. 4-5:30pm HIP HOP FOUNDATION DANCE taught by Cat Johnson Feb 8TH Thurs. 4-5:30pm RHYME & EMCEE Workshop taught by Scoe Johnson Feb 15TH Thurs. 4-5:30pm ALPHABET STEW/Young Women's Creative Collective. SOUTHEAST LIBRARY 6242 Swope PKWY 816-701-3484 Monday Feb. 5th 4 - 5:30 Foundation of Hip Hop Dance taught by Cat Johnson Monday Feb.12th 4-5:30 Creative writing & Spoken Word taught by Teri Green Tuesday Feb. 20th 4-5:30 Emcee & Rhyme Workshop taught by Scoe Johnson Monday Feb. 26th 4-5:30 Community Murals taught by Aaron Sutton / J. McConnell
  2. Jan 17, 2007 04:45pm by LOFIYAH1
    Actually open for ages 10-18 sorry I wrote 2 age requirements above. PLans for ; Art of DJ'ing/Turntablism Class soon! Beatmaking 101 Need other interested Dance/Break Boys/Girls (Men/Women) holler back Peace/Love/Respect/Creativity!!!! HIP HOP ACADEMY!!! www.myspace.com/hhakc Lofiyah One Lead Art Instructor [email protected]
  3. Jan 17, 2007 05:45pm by NRG - livin the art that is life ! www.64111clinic.com fam www.nrginmotion.com massage www.myspace.com/nrginmotion world community Location: havenhouse KCK/ 64111 Clinic 4 Life
    WOW this is so amazing. Libraries are perfect. what about park and rec's community centers? that's another established system whose goal is to serve the community. go you guys
  4. Jan 22, 2007 03:53pm by LOFIYAH1
    NRG - we would love to utilize the rec centers around kc as well...Maybe a kick off at the Roanoake center in Spring? Are the B-Boys/ B-Girls practicing there still? Just Let me know! Lofiyah