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Topic: 4th Annual USA World Hip-Hop Dance Championship

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    4th Annual USA World Hip-Hop Dance Championship Taking Place This Month By Tinisha Mitchell Date: 8/10/2005 11:20 am The 4th annual USA & World Hip-Hop Dance Championship is taking place this August in Los Angeles, California. Trained dancers, choreographers and avid followers of this high energy movement will gather August 19-21st to express themselves creatively through dance at the event, dubbed “The Olympics of Hip-Hop Dance." "We have been producing dance events for over 20 years," Founder and President Howard Schwartz told AllHipHop.com. Held at The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, structured workshops will be facilitated by renowned choreographers, instructors and dancers. Intense competitions will be divided based upon age and talent. "We [Hip-Hop International] decided to develop an event that was national and international in scope and that paid homage to the true origin and evolution of Hip-Hop dance,” Schwartz said. This year’s event will honor past and present pioneers with a special ceremony titled "Living Legends of Hip Hop." Honorees include: Don Campbell, creator of "locking", Boogaloo Sam, founder of "popping" and Tommy the Clown, inventor of "clowning" or "krumping". For more information log on: http://www.hiphopinternational.com