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Topic: Book Release: A Hiphop Driven Life

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    Received this communication today: Seemed like something to pass on. please pass it on as well From one of the Author's of "A Hiphop Driven Life": A Genius Liberation Handbook Peace, We apologize for taking so long to get back to you. We are just letting you know that our books are available at our site www.olorun.blogspot.com Also they will be available in african concious book stores and at www.afrikanworldbooks.com in the short future. Our site contains more information on what we do and our visons and goals. We will be letting you know as well any events that we will have coming up shortely. The struggle to fight for internal peace and liberation is a fight that is dealing with mind controle and minipulation. Every second you turn on your TV, every billboard that you see, every magazine that you read, and every radio comercial you hear contains a multiplicity of twisted psycho therapeutic techniques to addict your mind to America's material sickness and curruption. The biggest challenge is that all this and more is taking the controle of our youth as you would a remote controle car. Some of us no longer have our own state of mind, some of us don't know what its like to have our own beliefe system, and some of us don't know a life without lavish materials and would rather die then to live without them. With this being said, you can kind of get a glymps as to why Bayo and I have dedicated ourselves to write such a liberated hand book with the use of our past extensive research and have used our music skills as well to rhythmically speak about techniques and also give a different way of viewing the world. If you would like to contact us about any events that you are having or that will be going on, then feel free to send an email or give us a call. We are also available for speaking engagements. We are flexible budget wise. We hope to hear from you soon. Also pass this email on if you know anyone else who would be interested in learning more about our book and Hiphop culture. Take care. Arnett DEBUT ALBUM - NIGHTJOHN - 16 tracks - AVAILABLE ONLINE... http://olorun.blogspot.com/2005/04/nightjohns-music.html NEWLY RELEASED BOOK The Hiphop Driven Life: A Genius Liberation Handbook ISBN: 1-59744–018-3 NEWLY RELEASED FILM by Hotep a.k.a. "Hustle Simmons" "Independent Doin Major Things" - http://www.skinnymen.com _________________________________________________________________ For Books....Afrikan World Books, Karibu Books, Sankofa Books and Video, House of Kamit, All Eyes On Egypt, Blue Nile Botanicals Phone: (410)-383-2006 Fax: (410)-383-0511 http://www.afrikanworldbooks.com The O.L.O.R.U.N. Companies "Our Love Of Rap Unites Nations" http://www.olorun.blogspot.com [email protected] (301)776-3213 Office We provide......H2(Hiphop)Education Consulting, Lectures/Workshops, Books, CD's, Freelance Writing, Songwriting, Live Performances FRIENDS, SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS: Lee Majors - http://www.verse4verse.com Mike Mountain - http://www.mountainhighradio.com