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Topic: So Ya Think Ya Know Hip Hop- Take this Pop Quiz and Find Out

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    So Ya Think Ya Know Hip Hop? Take this Hip Hop Pop Quiz A couple of years ago a big controversy was sparked when Heineken decided to do a beer commercial depicting the invention of the scratch. As many of y'all may recall they showed a clumsy deejay that was having no luck getting the party jumping. Nervously he reaches for a (Heineken) beer and spills it on the record, as he goes to clean the record, he accidentally invents the scratch. Many within Hip Hop may have gone along with the joke had Heineken not put the date as 1982. Adding insult to injury the beer company said that it was all good with Grand Wizzard Theodore the original inventor who came upon this technique in his bedroom back in the mid 70s while cueing up a record. Such was not the case Theodore was not pleased with the commercial. He along with a number of other folks saw it as distortion of history-joke or no joke. Even sadder is that in a day and time where so many of us have historic amnesia it was likely that a whole lot of folks would go around believing the commercial and the dates attached to it. According to Theodore, his mom came in the room and asked him to turn down his music. While he was listening to her talk he was holding the record and moving it back and forth while waiting for her to finish. Through the headphones he heard the scratching noise and the rest is history... The point here is that far too often history for marginalized communities is erased and rewritten. Within Hip Hop this practice is extremely pervasive. I notice lots of little distortions or erasing for the sake of marketing. For example, I was reading a story about Game in XXL and how he got his start. The story noted that Game came straight out of Compton and into Dr Dre's office where he became his protégé. Of course a lot of people in the Bay Area are going to be a bit upset considering that two crucial years of Game's career mysteriously vanished. Nor is there was no mention of him being discovered at the LA Hip Hop Summit by Bay Area pioneer JT Tha Bigga Figga who took him under his wings and showed him lots of love and in many ways gave Game the game. There's no mention of him being a fixture in the Bay scene for a period of time. Although when Game has been on the radio here in the Bay Area he has acknowledged his connection to the region. Now we can speculate all day on this omission. Many feel it was based on a marketing decision to enhance the profile of Dr Dre and the Interscope record family. The bottom line is this-Because the story ran in a large respected publication like XXL. Anything said to the contrary will either be dismissed as foolishness or something one is making up in an attempt to capitalize off of Game's fame. We have seen similar rewriting of history with rap superstar Eminem who was regular fixture on the Sway and King Tech Wake Up Show. He was a regular visitor for almost a year to the popular syndicated rap show and had many legendary freestyle and battle sessions. The popular story goes that Dr Dre was driving around listening to the radio, heard Eminem and chased him down. According to King Tech, that’s not how things went down. There were record executives who came to the show on the regular and were aware of Eminem. One of them got a tape of him brought it back to the office and made everyone including Dre aware of his talent. At the end of the day when Em speaks of his humble beginnings he goes straight from Detroit to Dre's office with hardly a mention of his year long stay on the Wake Up Show. When one says otherwise they get blank stares and immediate dismissals. There are dozens of stories we can bring up about History being erased and distorted so we figure lets have some fun and at the same time give folks an opportunity to set the record straight. Since so many of us are walking around claiming to be all about Hip Hop Music and culture. Well let's put all that to the test... and I mean that literally. We decided to come up with 10 questions we feel every true Hip Hopper must know. It allows us a great opportunity to share the knowledge and build with one another. It's important to get this history down otherwise we run the risk of having other re-write history for us... We encourage you to not cheat and go around looking at other people's answers. Keep it real; either you know it or you don't. Please post your answers below...Each correct answer is worth 10 points. So Ya Think You Know Hip Hop Pop Quiz #1 1-Name the 3 members of the Fat Boys? 2-In the late 80s early 90s there was a genre of rap called 'Horrorcore'. Super producer Prince Paul belonged to one of the premier groups of this genre-Name that group 3-Funkmaster Flex came into the radio biz as an apprentice for what well known deejay. He was among the first to do Hip Hop mix shows on radio and he even released a couple of records. Who was he? 4-What well known actor got his start playing a basshead in the Public Enemy video 'Night of the Living Bassheads'? 5-What well known actor got his start in the movie 'Krush Groove’? He played the role of Russell Simmons? 6-In the song 'The Bridge is Over' KRS cleverly uses the song structure and rhyme cadence from what well known 'Rock-N-Roll' song? Who is the singer of that song? 7-To those who really know Hip Hop-What reggae song is beat for 'The Bridge is Over' based on? 8-Before Lil Jon, Outkast,Young Jeezy and all these other ATL Rappers blew up the spot, what well known rap group broke on the scene, sampled Michael Jackson and made us 'Jump' after being discovered in a mall back in the early 90s? 9-Before Chuck D hooked up Public Enemy, he and his original producers Hank and Keith were part of another group that operated at of Adelphi University. What was the name of that group? Hint: Chuck went by the name Chucky D. 10-Since this is the start of football season we have to pay homage to the greatest football team to ever touch the gridiron-We're talking about the Oakland Raiders. What well known Hip Hop pioneer had sense enough to bless the Raiders in a song? Hint: This Hip Hop pioneer was one of the first to sport a jheri curl and do a song addressing social issues. Bonus Question worth another 10 points:- What was the name of the song? Good luck young grasshoppers. If you don't know any of the answers talk to your elders and remember what KRS-One says 'You Must Learn'?
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