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Topic: 1/4 of a million plays on Soundclick...Trick or TREAT

  1. Oct 31, 2006 04:06am by RIP - www.SoultakerRecords.com www.soundclick.com/soultakerrecords www.myspace.com/soultakerrecords [img:c9af69df35]http://www.soultakerrecords.com/images/STBannerAtRikksReviews.jpg[/img:c9af69df35] [img:c9af69df35]http://www.soultakerrecords.com/images/anilogo.gif[/img:c9af69df35] Location: topeka, ks by way of Benton Harbor, Michigan
    You heard right hopefully by tomorrow Soultaker Records hits 250,000 plays on our soundclick page http://www.soundclick.com/soultakerrecords A bag of new beats for free and for sale have been posted by DJ Cboss. Guess its been a while since you been there? Then hit the link now, help us get that milestone by tomorrow. Next, 500,000 oh yeah its within our reach soundclick.com/soultakerrecords