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  1. Oct 1, 2006 12:07am by djCboss
    [url=http://www.soundclick.com/pro/view/03/default.cfm?bandID=242488]CLICK HERE TO HAVE AN EARGASM[/url] Enjoy -the quality is hella good but I dont pre-track out my beats before uploading so before anyone drops a reply critiqueing what would be better or blah blah about the little shit, let me just say . I KNOW THIS, BUY THE BEAT AND I WILL HOOK IT UP FOR FINAL SALE. This is just a notice to come listen and get free stuff to record to. I am not asking another producer to pick apart my shit during a critique to gain approval from the rest of the forum members or some shit. I know where my productions at, so please don't ask me to respond to your threads for a I play you, you play me swap. Sorry I'd really like to but I got so much stuff a day now musically that I quit my day job to focus on production and sales. So sorry don't think I'm just being a dick if I dont holla back atcha. peace. SALES WILL PURCHASE - A fully customized bar, verse, and hook arrangement for you. Any specific sounds can be changed. Drums re-arranged if needed. A win rar or winzip packed file of all tracked WAV's to send over the net for instant sales. and then a CD can be shipped on request AFTER purchases are made. LEASING only get a 320 kbs AS IS version. 1st time buyers will get 50% off any beat purchases AFTER your first purchase. NO REQUESTS FOR BEATS TO BE MADE TO SOUND LIKE SOMETHIN ON RADIO OR BY ANOTHER PRODUCER. I AM NOT A DISCOUNT PRODUCTION KNOCK OFF OF SCOTT STORCH TRYING TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK BY NOT BEING ORIGINAL. IF YOU WANT A BEAT LIKE THAT, THEN I SUGGEST YOU SAVE UP 65K AND BUY FROM HIM. AND NO I DONT MIX YOUR VOCALS ON FREE BEATS YOU RECORD TOO. A lot of these have sold in the last week so if you really are interested I'd hurry. If your worried about my credibilty on purchases then I don't know what to tell you except to quit buying from producers who are whack thieves then. BUY FROM BUSINESS LISCENSED & ASCAP REGISTERED PRODUCERS WHO ARE BUSINESS MINDED MUSICIANS. AIM : mdubbeats email : [email protected] paypal email [email protected] (DO NOT CONTACT ITS A SPAM< FOLDER I DONT CHECK IT) dont be a window shopper if you aim me i got a few dozen buyers already and don't need to get jacked around with my time. Also 2 CDs by Muniklip and Brail should be available for sale in next 2-4 weeks. Got some Production by me, kamikaze beats, Cheez, I think Rock it & Ansane got on these too and a few other's so you know it will be dope. (yal, might be wondering why the big infommercial of crap I just typed. Well I know something you don't....wink..lol) Get some of the free mp3's before you cant get my free beats anymore. www.myspace.com/djcboss www.soultakerrecords.com www.soundclick.com/soultakerrecords