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    The Gza & DJ Muggs Prep New Collabo, Mash-Up Remix On Its Way Wednesday - July 20, 2005 by Jesse Gissen DJ Muggs of the legendary group Cypress Hill and The Wu-Tang's own Gza are prepping to release their collabo project, DJ Muggs vs. Gza: Grandmasters. DJ Muggs vs. Gza: Grandmasters is set to be released on October 25th on Angeles Records. The album includes 11 tracks featuring the Genius on the mic and the Soul Assassin behind the boards. "We've talked about collaborating since we worked together on the first Soul Assassins record back in 1997," remarks GZA. "And we're both grandmasters at what we do," referring to the album's title. Gza, best known as one of Wu-Tang Clan's founding members and for his classic solo effort Liquid Swords, is also currently writing a book. DJ Muggs of the Soul Assassins Crew and Cypress Hill is also on his grind with his syndicated radio show, Mash Up Radio. The show is featured on both Eminem's Sirius satellite radio station, Shade 45 and on public radio. He will also headline the Lalapolooza World Stage with the Mash Up Circus. Muggs is also making a name for himself as being the go to guy for mash-up versions of records. He is almost finished recording an original mash-up album that features The Alchemist, Mobb Deep, rock group The Transplants, and the Gza, among others. Muggs also plans to release a mash-up version of the Grandmasters project. DJ Muggs vs. Gza: Grandmasters hits stores October 25th.