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Topic: Producer Serious about his work

  1. Jul 20, 2005 08:56pm by kansasguttaboys - www.Myspace.com/irocwel http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/kansasguttaboys.htm http://www.mixposure.com/kansas-gutta-boys Location: East LK
    yo everybody LAWRENCE, KC, TOP CITY, WICHITA. I'm a producer looking to expand my name and yours. if your for real about this music thang so am i. i'm letting "HOT" tracks (quotations on hot) go for a guttaboy's price. for my low income people that can't afford 1 track for 5 beans this is for you. 3 tracks for $200 or you make an offer. you can't beat that wit a bat. if your an r&b cat, hip hop lover, crunk enthusiast, neo-soul baduist, techno raver it don't matter i got ya flavor. get at ya b-o-y. i understand a lot of cats have their in house producers but if your tired of the monotany this is your chance to ride a new wave. if your interested in making moves holla at me at 785-979-4371 ask for Charles. 3 tracks $200 or you make an offer. for those that are interested check out some tracks at: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/9/chawlyrocwel_music.htm