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Topic: Eminem Has Final "Encore" Before Retiring

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    http://alerts.sohh.com/article.php/7321 Monday - July 18, 2005 by Elle Castro As reported to The Detroit Free Press, Eminem will be retiring from the rap business. His latest release Encore is said to be his last project as an artist. Em, aka Marshall Mathers, plans to focus on becoming a full-time record producer. Shady's finest will perform his last solo concert in Dublin, Ireland on September 17th. Mathers' manager Paul Rosenberg commented on Encore saying that it was, "certainly the cap on this part of his career." An insider of Em's clique said, "Marshall feels he's said everything he can say as Eminem. The idea that he intended this [Encore] to be his last record is something that everyone on the inside circle has known or a while." Another source stated, "Marshall really struggles to write for himself now, to speak through the voice of Eminem. He knows as well as anybody that there comes a point where you risk beating this thing to death."