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    Ludacris & Kanye West Must Stand Trial For Song-Jacking NJ Group Friday - July 15, 2005 by Carl Chery Word is Universal Music, Ludacris and Kanye West will have to stand trial for allegedly jacking music from an upstart New Jersey group, I.O.F., for Luda's 2003 hit, "Stand Up." While Luda and Kanye have dismissed the claims, a New York Federal Judge recently denied the tandem a motion for Summary Judgment, which means their last attempt to have the case dismissed was denied. Universal, Luda and West are being sued for $10,000,000 in damages. I.O.F.(It's Only Family)'s label, BMS Entertainment filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Luda and West in May 2004. The suit charges Cris and Ye with biting I.O.F.'s song, "Straight Like That" on "Stand Up." Luda performed the song while West produced it. According to Jeff Billingsley, CEO of BMS Entertainment, Luda was personally handed a copy of "Straight Like That" on three separate occasions while West received one copy. BMS and I.O.F. say that they handed the stars their CD in well-publicized places like MTV and BET studios. I.O.F. also holds favorable reports from an expert musicologist.