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Topic: dead prez in Kansas City on July 26th?

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    dead prez Holds Down The Fort At National Black United Front Convention Friday - July 15, 2005 by Carl Chery dead prez is scheduled to perform and hold a workshop at the 26th National Black United Front Convention in Kansas City. The RBGs are slated to hold a workshop this afternoon before taking the stage at 7:30 tonight. Tickets for the performance cost $15. The convention began with a rally yesterday, in which minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a speech. Almost ten years after the first Million Man March, Farrakhan announced that he's planning a sequel to be held in Washington this coming October. The Kansas City chapter of the Black United Front handled most of the arrangements for the first Million Man March back in October 1995. According to Ron McMillan, an organizer of the march, the event stood against negative images of African American men. "There [at the march] I could see black man on top of black man … intelligent, dressed well, healthy, well-mannered and educated," McMillan told the Kansas City Star. The second Million Man March is scheduled to take place in Washington October 14th through 16th.