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Topic: HipHop Congress Convention

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    100 members representing 27 chapters from all over the country congregated in Chicago for the 4th Annual Hip Hop Congress National Conference on June 23-26th. Hip Hop Congress is an International Grassroots Network that educates, empowers, and unites individuals. We preserve and evolve Hip Hop by inspiring social action and cultural creativity within the community. The conference provided members an opportunity to layout a dynamic vision for the future of the Hip Hop Congress. During the weekend the Hip Hop Congress elected Shamako Noble as the second President in the organization's history. Noble, an emcee out of the bay Area, also works at the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement in Menlo, California. The Riekes Center is a nonprofit mentoring organization that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach toward education. Given his background in Hip Hop and education, Noble's launched the national initiative to develop a Hip Hop and education program. The conference drew educators from all over the country, as well as representatives from the Hip Hop Association, Teach For America, University of Hip Hop in Chicago and the Universal Zulu Nation. In a joint effort with other groups such as IMAN (Inner-city Muslim Action Network), Southwest Youth Collaborators, Temple of Hip Hop, Fly Paper and others, Hip Hop Congress took part in a full day of free festivities. The event, titled, "Takin' It To The Streets" included free performances by Jurassic 5, Brother Ali, Chicago's own Capital D, and the legendary b-boy squad, the Rock Steady Crew. The event also showcased local emcees, deejays, breakers, and beat-boxers. Indianapolis deejay da Metrognome held it down with local deejays Roosevelt Treasurechest, Jaidot, E Dubble, deejay Xander and Chicago breaking crew Chi-rock was also on hand. Along with the music, the event featured guest speakers and comedians demonstrating that large scale Hip Hop events can be a very peaceful thing. The 29 chapters of the Hip Hop Congress now go back to their respective communities energized, organized, and revolutionized until they reconvene in Boulder, CO for next year's conference. For more information on Hip Hop Congress check www.hiphopcongress.com or email [email protected] (314)809.2502