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Topic: It Needs To Be Ced-The Beginner's Guide to Promoting Parties

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    It Needs To Be Ced- The Beginner's Guide to Promoting Parties by Ced of IndustryCoSign 1. Address ALL details of your event! I can't tell you how many flyers and emails that omit details like: time, date, cover price, etc. 2. Realize that there IS a difference between Guest List and Reduced List! I've gone to parties that told me to RSVP to get placed on the guest list and when I get there, I am told that it's a reduced price on the guest list! Wrong! Guest list means you are a GUEST of the promoter or event organizer, reduced list is explanatory! 3. Proper attire required, dress code will be enforced, dress to impress, work attire are all cute sayings to place on a flyer. But there are MANY interpretations of what is written above. Be specific! If you don't want sneakers worn, STATE IT! If you want only suits or shirt and tie, STATE IT! Especially if you are trying to cater to an industry crowd. You say work attire, but if I am a personal trainer at the gym, my work attire is sweats and/or shorts. Better yet, I work at a record label and we all know that record label employees are not the suit and tie crowd! Since I wear many hats in my day-to-day, business casual to me is the Enyce jeans, Ecko shirt and Nikes that my peoples hooked me up with! We are NOT mind readers, if you want to institute a dress code, BE SPECIFIC! 4. Be Courteous. The people who come to your party can always make you hotter if you are a pleasant host/hostess. Yes, you may have a hot party, yes, you beautiful people, but people have great memories when you treat them right or when you treat them wrong! If you are a nasty bitch or a cocky idiot, they remember that also and will be quick to tell everyone how nasty and rude you are and that will hurt when your party isn't hot anymore. But if you are pleasant, they will be more forgiving if your party isn't as hot as they would like it to be. 5. Snatching email addresses. Ok, I have to admit that I have done this before, but it's rare for me to do it now. You can have 5043 email addresses of people who don't know you, emailing them will only aggravate them if they know nothing about you or ifthey don't care what party you are involved with! 6. It is NOT easy promoting parties. Anyone can do one hot party, but the key is consistency. If you need 8 other promoters to fill a venue that holds 106 people, guess what? Keep in mind that sending out emails does not equate promoting! There is a little more work involved! You have to either know a lot of people who actually like you or like being in your company or you have to know the right elements to make people want to come to your function. Things to keep in mind, a good dj, a good venue and maybe some good looking people is a great start. Oh and an incentive for me to come to your function. Another thing, spending thousands of dollars on a popular DJ does NOT guarantee a successful party! 7. The person with the list should not have insecurity issues. The worst thing you can do is place someone at the door who has NO CONTROL in their lives and you give them a little power and all of a sudden, this person is the Door Goddess or Door God. They are the worst people to encounter. Not only are they nasty, but they have no real friends and take it out on the 'pretty' people that are on the list, for them this is revenge time! The more pleasant the door person is, the less chances there will be a problem at the door. 8. Security shouldn't be the former nerd who worked out for the last 6 years just so he can wear tight shirts. This is another person who never had friends and gets to take out frustrations on just about anyone who has self-esteem. He shouldn't have 'roid rage and be ready to throw someone off the line because they sneezed and didn't move up quick enough. Security is there to protect the club as well as help control the door, not to be ready to pick fights with someone he outweighs by 128 pounds. And also keep in mind that working out doesn't equate being able to fight. If this person was actually able to defend himself, then he wouldn't have had to spend 21 hours a day, 6 days a week taking supplements and grunting until he gained some confidence. 9. Having people waiting outside to make your party look hot. What sense does this make? Letting 2 people in every 13 minutes only frustrates folks! How many times have you been in line thinking it must be hot and popping inside cause the line is moving slower than Biz Markie's thought patterns, to come find out that there is only 3 people inside, the coat check girl, the DJ and the girl who got in before you! If you are hot, then the people will come, deceiving them will not guarantee a return visit. 10. Communication ALWAYS work! If there is a problem, let people know. The worst thing that people want to find out is that there is something wrong and no one told them! If an artist is not going to show up and he/she is the draw, let the people know there has been an issue that can't be resolved. Say something. As I stated before, people have great memories and will NOT come to another function you have if you jerk or mislead them in any way! And here is something for all of you who RSVP to a party! When RSVPing to someone, especially if you don't know the person, use common sense. Protocol, give a first and last name. Giving a common name like Mark is not only stupid but there are 539,342 Marks in this city alone! Do NOT give yourself +6, what sense does that make? You should give no more than a plus 2. Dammit, don't you know who you're coming with? If you are RSVPing with someone like me, unless I ask, I could care less about your title and the company you work for. Good rule to live by, keep it simple. If this is an event that you know was forwarded to you, do not try to impress me by telling me anything I care nothing about, once again, just give me your complete and/or nickname. If you also have a nickname like Black or Slim, be serious, every ghetto block has a Slim or Black, be creative or be left outside wondering why you couldn't get in! To join theindustrycosign.com update list, send an email to- <mailto [email protected]> [email protected]