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    http://alerts.sohh.com/article.php/7253 Monday - June 27, 2005 by Carl Chery After gaining notoriety by spinning on New York's Power 105.1 and Z100, DJ Spinbad is venturing into production and prepping his own production company- making him a player to watch for 2005. With the game saturated with narrators and button pushers, Spinbad is an endangered species, the deejay. In fact, there isn't one aspect of the turntable he doesn't touch -battles, mixtapes, clubs, radio. Spin has done it all. "I've been deejaying [for] 15, 16 years now. I used to do battles, house parties and all that stuff, but the first gig I did in the industry was probably a tour," Spin told SOHH.com. "I used to deejay for J-Live, Mr. Complex and cats like that." The Rosedale, Queens-bred spinner has definitely graduated from the underground. After several Hip-Hop tours, Spin briefly stepped out of the genre when he linked up with Techno hipster Moby and Pop rocker Gwen Stefani "Stretch Armstrong, who is a friend of mine, was roommates with Moby for a while. Moby was gonna do Conan O'Brien [talk show] and he needed a scratch deejay to cut some sh!t over a track. I linked up with him and went on tour with him for a while. The money was good and we hit 24 countries. I used it as an opportunity for me to go to all these places and hook up with promoters and get some club gigs," Spin recalled. "Moby did a song with Gwen, so that's how I hooked up with Gwen. It's funny cause with the Moby thing I had a lot more freedom than I had with the Hip-Hop cats. Moby was just like, cut over whatever you want, whatever you wanna scratch on, whatever beats you wanna play. Just do you. It's just a different world." After some time on the road, Spin returned to the Big Apple and landed a spot on Power 105.1's Live in the Den with Big Tigger. Shortly after, Clear Channel recruited him to do mixes on Z100. Spin now effortlessly walks the fine line between scratching choruses and blending songs for commercial radio. "I just try to find a balance. Everything I do I try to incorporate the deejay skills; cutting, blending, mix… I don't like to just yell in between songs and just play records," Spin explained. "Whether it's Power 105.1, Z100 or K-Rock, whatever I do I'm definitely gonna keep cutting and keep that aspect going." Always looking to diversify his craft, Spin is currently knee deep into production and is shopping his tracks. He is also building his production company and hopes to find artists to break Hip-Hop's present monotony. "I'm trying to get into production. I do a lot of talking to Just Blaze, so I'm really into the production side, working on beats," Spin revealed. "I wanna really start developing my own artists and get this radio thing to its full potential. I hear the same stuff everyday. I got a lot of ideas I want to put out there myself." DJ Spinbad's Play-O-Graphy Projects for 2005 National Pepsi DJ Division. "They chose six deejays around the country to represent Pepsi and I was the New York representative." Syndicated mixshow. "Right now I'm working on my own syndicated mixshow. Also I'm started on Y100 in Miami and this production, just knocking out beats." Projections for 2005 "Hopefully, I'd love to have a couple of beats out there. I just like to continue to do what I'm doing and just kill it in the clubs." DJ Spindbad's "Watchlist" Shatik (producer) "He's done some stuff for DMX. He just did some stuff for Cassidy." Maino (rapper) "He got some stuff to say. I think he's gonna be around for a minute." Quote for the year "Let's bring some of that originality back in the game."