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Topic: "Born in The Bronx" Exhibit Opens July 14 in Londo

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    from rockrap mag www.rockrap.com The First Comprehensive Visual Record of Rap's Early Days http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs048/1100885080641/img/9.jpg?a=1100946264749 Born in The Bronx' is the first comprehensive visual record of Rap's early days. Much has been said and shown of that heady era, but no exhibition has dug as deep as this. How and why the most powerful pop culture force in the world today has its origins in the harsh ghettos of the Bronx of the 1970s is a fascinating cultural enigma. Curator, Johan Kugelberg. has been archiving Hip Hop's earliest artifacts for many years, slowly piecing together the story. The result is a documentation of the earliest materials of the movement, incorporating the incredible photography of Joe Conzo, plus battle tapes, flyers, films, label art and sleeve art, including signed, dedicated and otherwise unique items. The previously unseen Hip Hop photography of Joe Conzo says as much about the musical movement as it does the socio-economic state of the Bronx in the 1970s. Joe's lost photo archive documents performance, fashion and street life in the Bronx Hip Hop community in the late 1970s, with outstanding action shots, not only of the legends of Hip Hop, but the great Salseros as well. Kugelberg says: "When I met Joe, I discovered something truly remarkable: dozens of undeveloped rolls of film, which contained the most vibrant photographs of Rap's birth that I had ever seen. That these images pre-date the photography of Jamal Shabazz, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant by several years was unbelievable. Still is." The "Born in The Bronx" exhibition features the most complete collection of flyers and posters from the birth of Hip Hop in existence. Original works include party flyers for legendary events by Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa and the Cold Crush Brothers. This truly is the last gasp of pre-desktop publishing design. Stencils, rub-on letters, those plastic rulers with the outline of letters, cuttings from newspapers and comic books, cartoon drawings, sometimes crude, sometimes technically brilliant, all collaged into artwork that positively shivers with electric vitality, even now, 25 plus years later. The exhibit showcases a multitude of examples of original art by the extraordinary flyer artist Buddy Esquire, where fans of radical graphic design can experience the textures and dynamics of the work of one of the most iconic designers of early Hip Hop flyers. The exhibit will also feature a mini-film Festival devoted to early Hip Hop culture with screenings of "Style Wars", "Wild Style" and "Stations of the Elevated." Available for sale at the exhibition: an exhibit catalogue incorporating all these elements; limited edition signed silver-gelatine prints of the photo plus limited edition silk- screened posters. "Born in The Bronx" is supported by Ecko. For more information on the exhibit, please visit http:// www.BornInTheBronx.co.uk EXHIBITION OPENING AND EVENTS http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs048/1100885080641/img/11.jpg?a=1100946264749 Wednesday, July 13th, 2005: 7 pm. Private V.I.P. viewing of Joe Conzo's photographs at Home House, 20 Portman Square, London. For invite contact [email protected]. Thursday, July 14th, 2005: 7 pm. "Born in The Bronx" exhibit opens at Vinyl Factory, Poland St. London. Meet Joe Conzo, DJ Tone & Charlie Chase. DJ Tony Tone and DJ Charlie Chase presiding over the wheels of steel. Friday, July 15th, 2005: 4 pm. Meet Joe Conzo, DJ Tone & Charlie Chase. Cold Crush Brother DJs Tony Tone and Charlie Chase rock the Ecko store at Arndale Center in Manchester, England. Saturday July 16th, 2005: 4 pm. Meet Joe Conzo, DJ Tone & Charlie Chase. Cold Crush Brother DJs Tony Tone and Charlie Chase at the Ecko Store in Centrale Centre, Croydon, London. Sunday, July 17th, 2005: DJ Tony Tone and DJ Charlie Chase join DJs Callum (Dazed & Confused), Ten Ten Binz (AMCO), Bob Stanley (St. Etienne) at The Social at 5 Little Portland St in Soho, London W1W 7JB. (Phone: 020 7636 4992). A bonus mini-exhibit of Joe Conzo's photographs of the great Salseros will behanging at the bar in The Social, as will Joe! www.BornInTheBronx.co.uk ABOUT JOE CONZO: FIRST HIP HOP PHOTOGRAPHER As a teenager, Joe Conzo shot street scenes in the Bronx in the late 70's. His father was Tito Puente's manager and Joe hung around on his father's coat tails, shooting pictures of Salsa greats. He later became the official Cold Crush Brothers photographer at the invitation of school mates, DJ Tony Tone and Easy A.D. Joe Conzo is Hip Hop's first photographer, documenting the emerging artform of Hip Hop. Joe eventually set down his camera to pursue a career in the military and later became a Paramedic with the New York City Fire Dept. A couple of years ago, he collected his negatives from his mother's house where they had been kept safe during his lost years. What emerged from these unseen photos was a superb fly- on-the-wall document of early Hip Hop culture. Dynamic, flowing shots of the true pioneers and legends of Hip Hop: Kool Herc, DJ Baron, Chiefrocker Busy Bee, Grandmaster Caz, Afrika Bambaataa, Disco King Mario, DJ Charlie Chase and DJ Tony Tone at throwdowns captured in images so vibrant that you can hear the echo of 'Apache' as you look at the pictures. "The camera was my way of communicating with people. Whether it was during a jam session of Hip Hop or walking down the street, I just documented my culture, my surroundings." - Joe Conzo www.JoeConzo.com http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs048/1100885080641/img/11.jpg?a=1100946264749 ABOUT FLYER KING: BUDDY ESQUIRE With his sharp finesses inspired by art deco via the facades of the old Bronx movie palaces from the 1920s, Buddy Esquire truly is a master of the form. Buddy recounts, "I remember hearing somebody say the flyers were capturing the mood of the moment at that time. And the wild thing was that I was actually trying to capture that Art Deco flavor I recognized from the movie theatres in the Bronx and Harlem." Being able to investigate his original paste-ups from 25 years ago, seeing and feeling the textures and dynamics made possible by a blank sheet of paper in a masters hand, is a thrill indeed. That these artifacts even survived is a minor miracle, and to have the full collection on display is a real achievement. www.BornInTheBronx.co.uk DJ CHARLIE CHASE & DJ TONY TONE The Cold Crush Brothers, with the miraculous multi-ethnic one-two punch of DJ-duo Charlie Chase and Tony Tone, would draw crowds in the thousands all over the greater New York City area without having a record out. Hundreds of copies of bootleg cassette tapes of their live performances would exchange hands all over the five boroughs. Charlie Chase explains, "Everybody was doin' their MC routines, and all that stuff - but there was no real showmanship. There was no real professionalism on the stage. We rolled with the punches as they came, but we knew what we wanted." Tony Tone adds: "We always felt like it was a group effort. We functioned as a group. We went to parties as a group. We always pushed the fact that we was brothers." As anyone who has dug beneath the surface of Rap's history knows, The Cold Crush Brothers are unsung legends. They carry an importance one can compare to Son House in the history of the Blues, Kraftwerk in the history of Electronic music, or Ike Turner in the history or Rock 'n' Roll. Johan Kugelberg explains, "One day in the late 1990s, a good friend played me some early Hip Hop records. I was completely blown away by their vibrancy and originality. I decided to do what comes naturally to an obsessive music fan, namely go online and read some articles, buy some reissue CDs and possibly a book or two on the subject of the earliest days of Rap. To my dismay, I discovered that there was next to nothing out there about this crucial period of pop culture history. I was determined to find out more, and in order to do so I had to pursue the source material itself, to uncover the very artifacts of early Rap." www.BornInTheBronx.co.uk