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Topic: K-os Picks Up 4 Awards At Canada's MuchMusic Video Awards

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    [url]http://www.sohh.com/thewire/read.php?contentID=7224[/url] written by Jesse Gissen ([email protected]) Tuesday - Jun. 21, 2005 Recently, Toronto native K-os took home four awards at Canada's MuchMusic Video Awards ceremony. K-os' video for "Man I Used To Be" scored three trophies including "Best Rap Video," "Best Cinematography" and "Best Director." The video features the Brazilian martial artform of capoeira which bears a striking resemblance to breakdancing. K-os also received an award for "Best Pop Video" for his hit, "Crabbuckit," which he performed during the show. "There's probably a lot of artists that aren't getting a voice. I feel lucky to have one," K-os, aka Kevin Brereton, said backstage. "Canada's really cool right now. We have the best Rock bands. A lot of bands that are big in the States are happy to be here," the rapper congratulated the other winners. He also thanked the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau for setting up a music grant program years ago. "We're now reaping the benefits," he stated. Other winners from the night included Usher and his video for "Caught Up," which won the "Best International Video" award. Gwen Stefani picked up a trophy for "Favorite International Artist." Meanwhile, The Black Eyed Peas, who also performed in Toronto, lost the "Best International Video By A Group" to rock crew The Killers.