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Topic: Kanye West Interview BBC news

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    Hear the interview[url]http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/realmedia/hiphop/kanyewest_pandskitz.ram[/url] [img:25285dd95c]http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/hiphop/images/kanyewestx420.jpg[/img:25285dd95c] [b:25285dd95c]shoot for the stars so if I fall I land on a cloud" Kanye [/b:25285dd95c] Kanye West called in exclusively to Original Fever with Rodney P and Skitz. [b:25285dd95c]On forthcoming album Late Registration[/b:25285dd95c] "The sound is a little bit darker. We're kind of pushing the enveloped with the music. John Bryan, he produces a lot of movies, he produced Fiona Apple. He co-produced the entire album and that's where we get a lot of that instrumentation cause I was really trying to push the envelope and show people where we can take it." [b:25285dd95c]On the Diamonds concept[/b:25285dd95c] "The title was always 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone' but the label didn't understand what I was doing so the did their own thing. We touch on the conflict - diamonds in the blood, diamonds out in Africa - in the video. We're really going for it." [b:25285dd95c]On Jesus Walks[/b:25285dd95c] "The cool thing about that song is we're not trying to go for number one, we're trying to go for Number Forever – like the song says 'forever ever forever ever' where people look back and remember it as the soundtrack to their life." [b:25285dd95c]On being called arrogant[/b:25285dd95c] "When other people say it its ok, but when I say it, I'm arrogant – like I haven't been working at this since I was twelve years old. I'm 27 years old now I've been through nervous breakdowns trying to sell my beats. And now they're good enough I can say it's hot – everyone says "oh he's arrogant". [b:25285dd95c]On the UK[/b:25285dd95c] "I'm looking for a crib out in the UK – in London. I'll be out there in June before the album drops. I can't wait to perform in London – to get the energy. On the Common album I did the joint 'The Corner' and I say 'I wish I could give you this feeling' – I'm talking about the feeling at a gig when the crowd hear the beginning of 'All Falls Down' or the chords from 'Jesus Walks'. It's the best feeling – its priceless – its three times winning the lottery." [b:25285dd95c]On Common's album 'Be'[/b:25285dd95c] "I'm feeling good about hip hop right now. We went in and worked on that album – we didn't make a cookie cutter album. Every beat was made from scratch and cooked up especially for Common, every chorus was thought out. All type of good songs was kicked off the albums to narrow down to the eleven that you got."