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Topic: 06.14.05 James Christos @ Soulistic

  1. Jun 8, 2005 06:39pm by NRG - livin the art that is life ! www.64111clinic.com fam www.nrginmotion.com massage www.myspace.com/nrginmotion world community Location: havenhouse KCK/ 64111 Clinic 4 Life
    James Christos will be performing live at the Red Vine(on 18th & Vine) Tuesday June 14th 2005. The show starts at 9:00p.m. and the cost is only $5 dollars. There will also be an open mic session for Mcees, Poets, singers and Musicians. If you wish to participate in the open mic then get there early and sign up. Peace, James Christos P.S. Pick up the new Maxi- Single The Coup at 7th Heaven.